In South Africa, we have the highest rate of obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa and our incidence of diet related diabetes is going through the roof.


Add to this the negative influence of poor diet on concentration and cognitive ability and it’s plain to see that one of the biggest threats to children’s welfare and the quality of their education is sitting in traditional school tuck shops.


That’s why Reddam House have entered into partnerships with KAUAI to bring nutritious and delicious snack and meal choices into their schools. The hope is that this will prevent sugar spikes, the resulting post lunch slump and longer-term poor eating habits that affect optimal learning, the consequences of which could be felt long after a child has left school.


With this in mind we have literally stripped back and rebuilt our entire product offering so that it is as natural and nutritious as it should be. That means, at KAUAI, we use only the freshest and most ethically sourced ingredients, from free range chicken and eggs to healthy, nutrient dense vegetables. There are also no additives, preservatives, artificial colourants, flavourants or concentrates in any of our meals, sauces, smoothies or juices.


You will find no added sugars on our menu; processed sugars are hands down the biggest threat to your child’s health and wellness.


The menu has been developed specifically for growing school kids and teenagers and is both good for the children and tasty


In addition, the menu will be regularly updated and rotated weekly to keep the necessary variety demanded from growing kids. From delicious wraps and low GI sandwiches to nutritious salads and hearty hot meals – there’s something for everyone at KAUAI.


Click here to see the new Kauai school menu* and price list.


*Please note full menu not available every day. Menu rotates weekly and also has daily specials. Please visit Kauai at school to check availability.